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I have been in hundreds of closets. I have seen it all. I have worked with women of all ages, sizes, and lifestyles. This program is curated to help teach you how to discover your style, learn to use your existing wardrobe, and how to build a collection of pieces that make you feel confident in every ensemble. I will teach you how to view your wardrobe differently, use it effectively and create a long-term plan to improve your wardrobe. 

Included is a deep look into your wardrobe virtually or in person, a strategic plan for enhancing your style, and follow-up coaching that will you through a 6-week journey of discovery.  This is an important investment into your future. It is a way to really understand why you feel the way you do about your style and give you tools to improve it every day. 

Here is what the adventure looks like.....

Initial Consultation 
1 Hour Initial Private Consultation (virtually or in person)
A strategic introduction to the basics of your wardrobe.
Discovery of your specific style.
How to make a look work for you. 

Closet Detox
Clean out everything that does not bring you confidence.
Find new ways to utilize things you are contemplating. 
Create a systematic flow of your wardrobe. 
Organization based on color. 

Rebuild Your Wardrobe
Create looks that fit your lifestyle. 
Learn to balance each outfit to flatter your body. 
Add or create statement pieces. 

Create New Looks
Design your go-to outfit formulas.
Tweak your wardrobe to work in every part of your life. 

Over the 6-week period, we will schedule weekly coaching calls to review how you feel and any questions you may have. We can revisit areas that you feel stuck or strategize on areas you get excited about. 

6-Week Package - $1250 (There is an option to make payments upon checkout.)

I am SO CONFIDENT in what I have created for you. It is a dream come true for me to create an intimate journey into the most personal space in your life...your closet. This is so important. You need to feel the way I see you.

Why choose us?

Inspired lifestyle

We curate experiences to make you feel confident from the inside out and then we show you how to style yourself from the outside in. Welcome to your place of intentional inspiration.

Customer Testimonials


Isha knows her stuff! I am wearing dresses I bought two and three years ago. Still in style. Always look forward to what she has coming out. Chic. Beautiful. Inspired.

Rechelle C.

I absolutely love the Style Boxes!! Everything fits perfectly!! I cant wait to see what comes next!!
Thanks Isha!!

Barbara B.

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