The Confident Closet

The Confident Closet

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Unlock Your Ultimate Style Transformation

This private experience with Isha is coming to an end for awhile. We have some inspiring new launches coming up that will teach you how to find your style and confidence in one fabulous package!! If you want a completely PRIVATE experience...this is the time! We are offering The Confident Closet 30% off through the end of the year and then this service will be gone until we reopen it in late spring. This service can be done virtually or in person.

NOW is the time to change how you feel about the way you look! Limited quantity available. 

Are you tired of standing in front of your overflowing closet every morning, feeling like you have nothing to wear? Do you yearn to express your unique style confidently and effortlessly? Are you ready for a wardrobe makeover that'll leave you feeling empowered and fabulous?

Introducing the Style Revolution Program - Your Pathway to Fashion Freedom!

Experience the Difference

At the Style Revolution Program, we've witnessed firsthand the fashion struggles of hundreds of amazing women just like you. We've seen closets of all shapes and sizes, and we're here to help you conquer them all.

What We Offer

  • Style Discovery: Uncover your unique style essence, tailored to your age, size, and lifestyle.
  • Wardrobe Wizardry: Learn to transform your existing wardrobe into a treasure trove of fashion possibilities.
  • Smart Wardrobe Building: Master the art of curating a collection that exudes confidence with every outfit.

Your Fashion Odyssey

Embark on a 6-week journey of self-discovery and style empowerment:

  • Initial Consultation: Dive deep into your fashion aspirations with a 1-hour private session, either virtually or in person. Get ready for a style revolution!
  • Closet Detox: Bid farewell to fashion items that don't spark joy and learn to revitalize those you adore.
  • Rebuild Your Wardrobe: Craft ensembles that match your lifestyle and flatter your unique body shape.
  • Create New Looks: Design your own signature style formulas that work effortlessly in every facet of your life.

Guided Coaching: Throughout your 6-week adventure, enjoy weekly coaching sessions. Address any style dilemmas, revisit tricky areas, and strategize on what excites you the most.

Invest in Your Future

This isn't just a style upgrade; it's a life transformation. Elevate your self-confidence, embrace your inner fashionista, and make every day a fashion runway.

Your Style Revolution Awaits!

6-Week Package - $1250 Payment plans available upon checkout.

Join Us

We believe in our program so strongly that we consider it a dream come true to embark on this intimate journey with you, right in the heart of your closet. Because you deserve to feel as incredible as we see you.

Book Your Style Revolution Today!

Get ready to step into a world of style, confidence, and empowerment. Your closet will never be the same again!

Here is a little sample of the timeline. The program is customizable for you. 

Initial Consultation 
1 Hour Initial Private Consultation (virtually or in person)
A strategic introduction to the basics of your wardrobe.
Discovery of your specific style.
How to make a look work for you. 

Closet Detox
Clean out everything that does not bring you confidence.
Find new ways to utilize things you are contemplating. 
Create a systematic flow of your wardrobe. 
Organization based on color. 

Rebuild Your Wardrobe
Create looks that fit your lifestyle. 
Learn to balance each outfit to flatter your body. 
Add or create statement pieces. 

Create New Looks
Design your go-to outfit formulas.
Tweak your wardrobe to work in every part of your life. 

Over the 6-week period, we will schedule weekly coaching calls to review how you feel and any questions you may have. We can revisit areas that you feel stuck or strategize on areas you get excited about. 

I cannot wait for this adventure with you! XO

Why choose us?

Inspired lifestyle

We curate experiences to make you feel confident from the inside out and then we show you how to style yourself from the outside in. Welcome to your place of intentional inspiration.

Customer Testimonials


Isha knows her stuff! I am wearing dresses I bought two and three years ago. Still in style. Always look forward to what she has coming out. Chic. Beautiful. Inspired.

Rechelle C.

I absolutely love the Style Boxes!! Everything fits perfectly!! I cant wait to see what comes next!!
Thanks Isha!!

Barbara B.

The Inspired

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