The Curated Style Kit

The Curated Style Kit

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Imagine having your very own personal stylist hand-picking fashion items that perfectly suit your taste and flatter your unique style. With The Curated Style Kit, that's exactly what you'll get! It's like our Monthly Style Box except yours will be curated just for you.

Here's how it works: I'll take the time to get to know your preferences, lifestyle, and fashion goals. Based on that, I'll carefully select a collection of clothing items, accessories, and other fashionable goodies that I know you'll love. It's like having a custom styling session, delivered right to your doorstep!

Here's is the step by step:

  1. Your Budget, Your Style: You set your budget - your financial comfort zone for this exciting style adventure.

  2. Let's Chat: Next, we schedule a one-on-one style consultation. This is our chance to get to know each other better, to understand your lifestyle, and delve into your fashion dreams.

  3. Your Personalized Style Board: After our chat, I get to work. I carefully handpick a selection of clothing and accessories that perfectly match your budget, lifestyle, and, most importantly, your unique taste. This collection is beautifully laid out on your very own Style Board, making it easy for you to visualize.

  4. Your Seal of Approval: The Style Board is yours to review and adore. I want you to feel your most confident about your selection. If there's anything you'd like to tweak or change, just let me know – it's your style, your rules.

  5. Unbox Your Dreams: Once you've given your stylish nod, it's time for the grand reveal. Your personally curated style box, filled with all the fashion delights from your Style Board, will be lovingly prepared and sent straight to your doorstep.

  6. Month-by-Month Style Bliss: And the fun doesn't stop there! Every month, you can choose to add more fabulous pieces to your growing wardrobe, making it a constantly evolving reflection of your style journey.

In a nutshell, The Curated Collection is all about YOU. I am here to make your style dreams come true, one box at a time. So, let's embark on this exciting fashion adventure together!

Whether you're looking to refresh your wardrobe, discover new trends, or simply treat yourself, The Curated Style Kit is the answer. Say goodbye to the stress of endless shopping and hello to effortless style!

So, are you ready to unleash your inner fashionista? Let's take your style game to the next level, ladies!


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Isha knows her stuff! I am wearing dresses I bought two and three years ago. Still in style. Always look forward to what she has coming out. Chic. Beautiful. Inspired.

Rechelle C.

I absolutely love the Style Boxes!! Everything fits perfectly!! I cant wait to see what comes next!!
Thanks Isha!!

Barbara B.

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